With the many new dog adoptions during COVID, it has been a very busy time for dog training. Super Busy Actually!

In addition, many of you are aware that I added a German Shepherd Puppy named Jade, to my family last December. Socializing Jade has been fun, but is also a lot of work. Especially because she has a lot to say and will often bark at unfamiliar people. No one wants a 75 lb German Shepherd barking loudly as they approach them. Fortunately, by slowing down each greeting for her and adding her favorite toy, she is improving with both adults and children. 

I am also in the process of revealing a new website with fun new photos that I think you will enjoy! A big thanks to Anastasiya Baber Photography for these!

My hope is to begin writing informative blogs again for you all to enjoy.

Hope you are able to slow down a bit and enjoy summer!