• December 12, 2015
    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Control Unleashed: Force Free Training to Create Better Focus and Confidence

This 2-hour seminar designed to teach dogs how to relax after being aroused, to focus despite distractions and to work off leash reliably in either stressful or stimulating situations. Attend this seminar and learn how connecting with your dog is a state of mind not an action, the difference of passive vs. active attention and discuss Dr. Karen Overall’s Mat Work Basics. 
Judy will explain:
  • How to train your dog to offer a default behavior 
  • How to teach your dog to reorient to you when distracted 
  • How to establish and select release cue 
  • Mat exercises like “Doggie Zen” and “Jazz-Up and Settle” and “Find Your Mat” 

During this informative seminar, you and your dog will work as a team with ever increasing distractions learning how to transition your dog from passive to active attention. Judy will demonstrate and teach you the prominence of stationary and moving target training and the significance of a strong “leave-it” command. While using the “watch me” command, Judy will have you and your dog heeling and rewarding while gradually working towards being off-leash. During this exercise you will be monitoring your dog’s stimulation levels. Attend this valuable seminar and discover ways to help your dog feel safe in different environments, be confident and thus having less fears and stressed out behaviors

Poetic Gold Farm, 7 Trillium Lane, Falmouth
December 12th, 2015 10am-12pm
Handler/ Dog teams (max 6 teams)- $90
Handler without dog (auditor spots- 15 available)- $30
For handlers bringing dogs, please make sure to bring copies of current vaccination history (rabies, parvo, distemper) as well as your dog’s favorite toy, mat, and tasty treats.
All participants (handlers with and without dogs) are encouraged to bring seating (a lawn chair) as seating at the training center is limited. 
Checks can be made payable to: Judy Moore, 4 Merion Way, Cumberland ME 04021



7 Trillium Road, Falmouth, Maine, 04105, United States