As President of Canine Behavior Counseling I am dedicated to helping dog owners with problem dogs. Dogs that are anxious, territorial, guard resources, display aggression to humans and dog to dog aggression are those that I can help. My positive training programs encompass Zoom meetings, in home private training and in office consultations. I seek to understand why your dog is acting a certain way, before I discuss a training plan. For example, some dogs are not social and will bite when a stranger reaches out to them. Some dogs are dog social, but cannot handle pack play and will become aggressive in groups.  It is important for me to help dog owners understand their dog’s temperament, so they can better understand their dogs likes and dislikes. By providing the proper information and training, the relationship between dog and owner will be a happy and balanced one.

Personalized one-to-one counseling sessions can be scheduled, and typically cost $225 per one-hour session, if I need to travel to your home. If you travel to my office, the fee is $195. Both consultations come with a written report with reminders of our session. 

Bulk consultation packages are available in either 3 or 5 one-hour sessions. A three-session package is $575 and a five-session package is $950. These packages are perfect for dogs that exhibit behaviors such as:

  • aggression issues
  • territorial issues
  • leash lunging
  • puppy training

Working with your dog on these issues throughout multiple training sessions will help set him up for success!

Bite Risk Assessment is performed in Judy’s office and is for dogs who have bitten humans or dogs where extreme damage has been done. Extreme is defined as a dog who needed hospitalization or a human who received three or more punctures.  These assessment costs $300 and comes with a detailed report on why your dog responded this and what the expectation is that he is able to change.
Upon collection of a history, Judy will assess the dog’s temperament using the Clothier Animal Response Assessment Tool. Judy will then evaluate the dog’s sociability with familiar people, sociability with unfamiliar people, social tolerance, resource guarding,  dog-to-dog relationship (when applicable). The dog’s arousal and resiliency will be scored to support Judy’s recommendations and over all conclusion.

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