Force Free Training to Create Better Focus and Confidence; based on tools Judy has gathered from many great trainers such as Leslie McDevitt, Ken Ramirez, Suzanne Clothier, and Sophia Yin just to name a few!
This class is designed to increase your dogs focus on you even with many distractions nearby. Behaviors are conditioned so you can Drop the Leash reliably in stimulating situations and you dog stays near you.  Building upon basic manners, class exercises will teach your dog to check in more often,  think rather than react and learn to settle after being aroused.  

You will learn to read your dogs body language better so you can set your dog up for success.  Many adolescence dogs lack emotional control, unfortunately many people want to punish or correct this behavior which only makes the dogs more aroused and stressed.  Helping your dog learn that he is safe in different environments will build his confidence, reduce his fears and his stressed out behaviors.

“Judy, Bo is doing great!  This is 15 minutes after introducing this lab into our home for an overnight.  Thank you so much for all your help. Not only did I enjoy the training classes, but I learned so many valuable things about reading dogs body language and setting them up for success.

See you soon when I sign up for my next round of classes :) Thanks again!”

~Debra, The Dog Lady

If your dog is currently unable to maintain a sit/stay with a distance of at least 5 feet, please begin to practice this daily   prior to starting a  Drop the Leash Level 1.

Drop the Leash and Relax

Creates a More Relaxed dog which is necessary for Focus and over all health of the dog. 
This class is designed to help performance dogs learn how to RELAX after being aroused.  Do you wish your dog was calmer?  Less reactive? Could settle faster? This class actaully teaches you how to teach your dog to relax through breathing exercises and a combination of Primary and Secondary reinforcers.  Your dogs focus on you will increase dramatically in this class. Your dog will begin to automatically, check in more often and think rather than react.  Because relaxation is practiced throughout this class, please bring a mat that you and your dog can fit on.