We really get down to business in this class, and recommend it for all our Family Dog I graduates. Primary focus is distance cues and voice control. Key commands and concepts covered:

  • Distance cues – Learn to have your dog on voice control at a distance.
  • The Heel Command Refined — Right turn, left turn, about turn, and walking through a crowd (loose leash)
  • Sit Stay with Distractions — Dogs nearby? No problem!
  • Down Stay with distractions (toys or children moving nearby).
  • Recall— in-sight and out of sight with many distractions.
  • Politely greet guests and other canines.
  • Shaping Behaviors – Your dog will learn to hit the easy button among other fun behaviors.
  • Stand Stay for physical evaluation 

“Izzy passed her TDI exam! :) I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts and wonderful training – she got an ‘atta girl’ from Steve on her leave it cue J He made a point of mentioning to the crowd that she had a solid ‘leave it’ because if they had noticed when I said leave it she looked right at me :) … Thank you again Judy. I have truly enjoyed working with you and reaping the rewards!”

~ Sue