This is an introductory dog obedience class for dogs five months of age and older. It’s never too late to late for you and your dog to learn basic obedience, this class will give you the tools to communicate with your dog! If you are considering Therapy work, I highly recommend you attend this class prior to the CGC class.

“I gotta tell you.  I am so pleased.  My husband has gone from complaining about the dog to be so impressed that he’s excited about next week’s lesson!!  He worked with her a fair amount today and made great strides.  We’re blessed to have found you!!”

~ Pat

Key commands and concepts you and your dog will learn:

  • Sit At side and Sit Front. Great for putting on the leash, greeting people, giving medication, brushing and other situations.
  • Heel Most pet owners really appreciate a dog that walks nicely on a leash without pulling. Positive training and proper equipment is key.
  • Sit Stay Having a dog sit stay while you open the door or cross the street to get the mail is beneficial.  Duration up to 1 minute and up to 15 feet distance
  • Free/Okay Release cue is necessary for duration in any behavior.
  • Down/Down Stay A comfortable position for the dog, especially if you want him to stay for more than a minute.
  • Off Refers to your dogs paws. Off and Down should mean two different things.
  • Leave it Refers to his muzzle; learn to put his attention back on you and away from something else that he is interested in.
  • Come Probably the most critical command to teach but can be started at an early age. This command provides a great opportunity to bond with your dog!
  • Take a break or Settle A good place to be out of the way but still in the same room while you have company or eat a meal. Can also be used when you are leaving for a short time.
  • Touch Teaching our dogs to touch our hand and other objects is fun for everyone and an alternative to jumping!