Assessing the emotional side of your dogs behavior (Dog to Dog Aggression using Counter Conditioning, Operant Conditioning and some Behavioral Adjustment Training.

Through hours and hours of observing dogs at play, I have come to understand the dog as a very social animal who enjoys greeting their own kind.   Many dogs use level one signals like a look away, turn of the head, walk away, or a low growl, a show of teeth or multiple snaps as distance cue warnings.  These warnings should not be punished, if the warnings do not work, this dog may resort to a Level 3 distance cue, a bite.  If your dog has been accused of a dog bite and you are in need of an evaluation, please contact me so we can determine if your dog was reacting to his environment or learning that being a bully to other dogs is rewarding.

Many of us have seen or owned a dog that is barking and lunging at other dogs when out on a walk.  Many of these dogs appear to be aggressive, yet have never bitten or done damage to another dog, many are simply displaying frustration on the other end of the leash.

“Just wanted to send a BIG, GIANT THANK YOU to you!  Tig and I had our very best walk ever this evening (well, our best walk in situations where we encounter other dogs).  We were completely prepared after last night’s class — clicker in hand, treats ready to go, crossed the street, passed the dogs, and Tig did not pull toward a dog one time.  I am fully aware that we have a long way to go, but I just know that Tig and I are a capable team!  Thank you for helping us!”

~ Cathy Small

Deprivation of dog to dog socialization reduces a dogs communication skills, often times creating a dog that displays SUPER motivated behavior to approach another dog. If you allow or reward, by allowing you dog to greet and sniff it will soon becomes obvious over time why this is a bad idea, as a scuffle may result from a quick greeting or just as bad, you find that when your dog is not allowed to rush in and greet, his behavior becomes intense and he becomes very frustrated, hence the aggressive display.

This class will help you learn to read your dogs body language and determine if he is dog aggressive because he is overly confident, fearful or just incredibly frustrated when he sees another dog. Many of these dogs are young adolescence lacking emotional control, I will teach you the tools to help your dog have better emotional control using a positive approach.  

Helping your dog learn he can control the consequences when greeting will turn your dog into a thinking dog rather than a frustrated one!

This is not an obedience class rather a Behavioral Program where you learn to set your dog up for success through management, Counter conditioning, Operant Conditioning, Desensitization as well BAT techniques.