BAT – Behavior Adjustment Training

Created by Grisha Stewart and taught to me at the APDT Conference in 2010, combines both Classical and Operant behaviors. Overall, it allows your dog to be more in control of his environment which reduces stress and fear!
Required – Completion of a Private one-on-one evaluation.

Human Directed/Territorial Aggression

Has your dog bitten someone?  Do you know if the bite is considered a level one or level four?  Does your dog growl when guests arrive?  Has your dog lunged at a person when on a leash?  Do you know if your dog is truly Fear Aggressive or only territorial? Knowing the difference will make a huge difference in your training success. 

I have owned both fear aggressive dogs as well as highly territorial dogs.  Owning a dog that displays aggression towards people and or children is not for everyone, however you should know there is specific training for you and your dog!

“Our family adopted Dalia from Almost Home Rescue in August 2012. We experienced behavioral issues with Dalia early on. The issues included aggression towards humans (but never towards the three of us) and other dogs. … Judy indicated that Dalia seemed more fearful than aggressive. We then arranged for a private lesson with Judy where we learned how to better manage Dalia’s (and our) behavior. We then took a number of group classes led by Judy focusing on behavior and we have been told (and notice) that Dalia is a different dog! … So we just wanted to thank Almost Home Rescue for the contract language and for referring us to Judy. And we certainly want to thank Judy, who provided insight and excellent training in working through Dalia’s behavioral issues. We use what you taught us daily!”

~ Don George & Tina Whipkey

Your success depends on going at your dogs pace, staying at or below his threshold for success and allowing your dog to learn that he CAN be more in control of his own consequences.  

Before you contact me or another certified trainer, please avoid having people approach and toss treats.  While this technique may work for some dogs, for many dogs, the idea of a person approaching them when they are confined by a tight leash is way over the dogs threshold, you may actually see your dog become worse rather than better.

The Scottie you see in these photos is my very own Sophie, she had been through 3 homes before I worked with her and ultimately adopted her at age 5.  She had a long bite history and 2 police reports.  Her destiny was bleak to say the least, so I began a long process of Counter Conditioning her association to people and kids.  Sophie became a thinking dog rather than a reacting dog when in public.  I also changed her food and increased her physical and mental exercise.  After 18 months of training, Sophie passed the Canine Good Citizen Certification.  Quite an accomplishment for a dog at age 7!  

So, I understand where you are and how to help you and your furry friend.
Required – completion of a one-on-one evaluation.

Remember you will need to schedule a private session or phone consult prior to joining this class. Schedule Now.