Outdoor Adventures classes offer great training opportunities for shy dogs, dog-friendly dogs and avoidant worried dogs. We visit Locations such as Back Cove in Portland, Twin Brooks in Cumberland, Falmouth Community Park, Royal River Park, Yarmouth, just to name a few.  3 classes are “on leash” with a focus on each dogs temperament traits, behavioral responses and improving his social skills with people and dogs. The additional three classes are “off leash” in safe environments with a focus on staying connected and a strong recall using multiple reinforcers.

Registration for this session is closed! Check back to see when our next class offering will be.

This class will focus on how your dog “feels” in new environments and teaches reliability in real life situations while staying below your dogs threshold. Putting classroom exercises to practical application while proofing with a wide variety of distractions.  Not all dogs can focus in public, however we use positive methods to keep your dog using his thinking brain even in public.

What you will learn:
>What do you see?
>Observational skills (when to train and when to relax)
>Awareness: can you train and monitor your environment?
>Avoiding frustration of both ends of the leash
>Go say “hi”
>Off leash recall games

>Teaching predictable cues for reliable behaviors
>Impulse control games in the real world
>Managing energy and arousal levels on both ends of the leash
>Relaxation protocol
>Ghost Rider game
>Stay connected, “go play,” reconnect

Participating dogs must have successfully completed one obedience training class or a one-to-one training evaluation with Judy. If not, I need to meet your dog prior to class to be sure he has a soft mouth. I do not mind dogs who snap at each other as long as there is no physical contact.